Writer's Retreat Brief

Small Pond Arts Feature Image

I returned last week from the Small Pond Artist Residency, and it was great! If you are an artist I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Small Pond. Just outside of Picton in beautiful Prince Edward County, the owners, Krista and Milé, live on more than 80 acres of peace and quiet and offer their home to artists and their projects. 

I'm so grateful to Small Pond. It was the perfect setting, allowing me to finish a draft of my novel and get it to the beta reading point.

What I accomplished in six days at Small Pond most certainly would have taken me till the end of the year to finish at home. I thought of nothing else, only my book. My mind felt quiet and at peace. In our busy world, with our minds racing around thinking of all the things we need to do all the time, it was so liberating and calming to have only one thing on my mind. 

In short, I felt good all the time. My mind was deeply focused. And I finished what I set out to do.

Thank you Krista, Milé and Small Pond!