That Ending

That Ending Feature Image.png

The past two months or so I’ve been taking a conscious break from editing Evolution in order to let it simmer in the back of my brain while I gain some distance from it. Specifically, I was having trouble with the ending, by which I mean, the last few chapters. I know what needs to happen, but the precise details are eluding me. So I hoped that by taking a break I could come back to it with fresh eyes, the answer revealing itself to me.

I have not yet picked it up again. I will soon. I figured working on some other stories would be a good way to finish those stories and cleanse my palette.

I wonder how much of my indecisiveness with the ending stems from truly not knowing which version of the ending would be better, and how much stems from simply being afraid to stick with one version out of fear that it won’t be good.


I’ve written before about trusting your characters. If you don’t know something, so I’ve learned, or you don’t know how to proceed, all you have to do is go back to your characters, think about who they are and what they would do next. If you’ve got their personalities, wants, needs, etc., down, then you’ll know just what to do.

But what if what is, or is not, going to happen is out of their control? In this case, I think I need to think about the story as a whole. Do the same thing as with a character, but think about what the story is, what is happening, what I’ve set up to happen.

That’s why I’m hoping that by going back to it with fresh eyes I’ll be able to see these things clearly, and know that X thing is supposed to happen Y way, because it’s obvious.

Wish me luck!