Stories of Erondell Now Available on Amazon

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

My short story/novelette Stories of Erondell is available now on Amazon Kindle! This is a series of stories I started working on last year when I had the idea for a story that told of the same event from two opposing perspectives.

Those two perspectives were from the characters Olivia and Patricia. But when I finished those two shorts, I realized this story wasn’t yet complete. Many, many moons and a few drafts later, I’ve finally completed Erondell.

What started out as a reflection on right and wrong and what we classify as terrorism, turned into a story about compassion as well. I’m really happy with how Stories of Erondell turned out.

Special thanks must go out to the best Big Brother in the world for his beta reading this piece.

If you’d like to check out Stories of Erondell, you can do so by buying a Kindle copy from Amazon. I’d love to have Stories available in the Apple bookstore as well, but apparently you need a Mac computer in order to download the relevant apps/programs that will allow you to upload to the Bookstore. I also thought about selling ebooks through this here website, which I may still do, but I’ll have to look further into pricing and taxes and all that fun stuff. In any case, whatever happens next, I’ll let you know. But if you have a iPhone or iPad (as I do), you can still download the Kindle app through which you can read Erondell.

And don’t hesitate to leave reviews and comments on Amazon, or email me to let me know how you enjoyed Stories of Erondell. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated.