I Think I Have a Multiple-Book-Reading Problem

Multiple Book Reading Problem Feature Image

Up until a few days ago I had three books on the go. Dan Brown’s Inferno, Chuck Wendig’s The Cormorant, and Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey, also by Mr. Wendig.

I’ve finished Inferno and am almost done The Cormorant. A normal person would finish Confessions and then pick up another book to read. Just one! But let’s face it, we all know that’s not going to happen.

My brother’s colleague, the writer Ean R. H. Stott, just released the first eight chapters of his book The Wills of Better Men, which of course I’ll be reading as I finish up The Cormorant. Also, for my blog, The Sci-Fi Novel, where I’m reading the best sci-fi of all time, I’ll start reading Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, which I’m super excited about.

Also, Wendig’s Zeroes is on sale for Kindle and I really want me a piece of that.

*breathes heavily*

Then, of course, I’m still reading the anthologies I got for Christmas, Best American Science Writing, Best American Essays and Best American Magazine Writing. Those are always on the go.

I wish I could read one book at a time like a normal person, but it’s proven impossible for me for as long as I can remember.

Books are my refuge, my escape, my world. I’m a reader, plain and simple. It’s probably an addiction.

My favourite time of day (after the morning when I write, so I guess my second favourite time of day) is in the evening after dinner when I can sit down and read. It’s an amazing feeling. It feels so good that it makes me think it probably shouldn’t feel so good!

I just love taking a seat on our orange couch, putting my feet up on the ottoman, settling in with Martine the Cat next to me, and reading. No words can accurately describe the waves of calm that wash over me, the feeling of pure joy and oneness with everything, but also the excitement of my imagination, like a horse waiting to burst out of the starting gate.

I wish I could read everything I want to at the same time. Just absorb it all like an AI or something. That’s the level of addiction I’m talking about here.

If you don’t consider yourself a reader, I challenge you to set a goal to start and finish a book in the next two weeks. Could be fiction, non-fiction, whatever. Just read. Turn off the notifications, the social media, the ring tone, and just read.

You’ll be glad you did.