Endings Are Sad

The Joy of Writing Feature Image.png

I’ve been editing my novel for the past little while, and of course it’s taking longer than I expected. I’m working on expanding the ending a little bit because it ends quite abruptly. Anyhoo, I was thinking about what this story has meant to me over the years (I started writing it in 2013).

Back then, it was a completely different story. I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words that I then threw out because they just weren’t the story that I actually wanted to tell. Regardless, I’m glad I went through all of that writing and all those drafts because I learned so much about storytelling and novel writing during that time.

A lot has changed since I started writing The Evolution of Rolf Pebbleton. I’ve moved cities three times, gotten married, then divorced, made amazing friends, went on a Bumble date (!), worked at companies, worked freelance, taken classes, visited Scotland (yay!), gotten more into horror (what?!), adopted the world’s most beautiful cat (<3). It’s been a crazy five years. Throughout it all, Evolution has been there, grounding me. A constant. It’s the only thing that I’ve ever really been sure of.

So it’s really crazy to think that in a few months the manuscript will be done. It actually makes me really sad. Oh I have other story ideas, to be sure. And I can’t say that I’ve been putting off finishing, or anything like that. But, still, it’s kind of sad.

Evolution is a story about grief, acceptance, love. And it means the world to me. I’ve put a lot of myself in it, and I hope it resonates one day with readers as well.